Susan Boyle

Friday, April 17, 2009

Who is she?do we ever heard of her?
nahh...never!up until she decided to go
for an audition of Britain's Got Talent.

Susan Boyle (remember that name) became a
Web phenomenon after singing "I Dreamed a Dream"
from Les Miserables. The performance brought the
audience to its feet and left the judges
(including Simon Cowell) either speechless or in tears.Before going on stage, Ms. Boyle admitted
some self-deprecating facts about herself -
she's never been kissed and lives alone with her cat, Pebbles.
For those reasons and more,
audiences were expecting the female William Hung, but they were wrong.Other sources write that as a child,
Ms. Boyle was the target of bullies because of a disability.
But, with her newfound fame, she is getting the last laugh.

47 year old Susan Boyle’s surprise performance
has become a massive hit on YouTube.
“Most Viewed This Week” has her performance
as number one with over 2 million views.

Despite the show being British, Susan has
attracted fans from all around the world.
It appears that Simon Cowell will give Susan a record deal,
even in the unlikely event that she doesn’t win.
However, Susan is more interested in finding herself a man.
Susan hopes the show will find her love, she says she doesn’t “intend to be alone for long.”

There's one thing come's into my mind
after watching the video,
"Don't Judge The Book By Its Cover"
She's brilliant and left me surprised and speechless,
almost brought me to tears after listening to her singing.


Namhkir said...

i dah trk vid..kat my friend's blog..
everyone is talking abt

syafiq duckie said...

yeah!she's brilliant.
i dnt knw hw to put the vid here.
doesn't work=/

syaQ tOwr said...

yes capix..
she super duper amazing..


chichaaaaa said...

ica liat videonya, suaranya bagus ya. tapi kasian banget pas pertama dateng dia diketawain hehe
fiq, ica pindah blog jadi ke blog yg dulu ya. abisan sayang malah bikin yang baru segala.

pindah ke

syafiq duckie said...

ya!bagus bangat kan icca!

iya skrg dia famous gila!smua pun suka dia.

knp tukar yg baru icca?

Anonymous said...

wow... she's so cool! LOL

syafiq duckie said...

yeah she is!very cool!

aiU™ said...

she looks lyke a drag queen.
but whatever, she got that talent and she's incredibly amazing!

azwin khairuddin said...

ohh my god.seriusly. betul u ckp. i hampir nangis tgk

syafiq duckie said...

@aiu, lol really?no la.she look "normal", everyday her!

syafiq duckie said...

@azwin, told u so=D