Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've been bored and find myself lame
just sitting in front of my laptop
doing my assignment and research.
so then i log on into my facebook account,
and next thing i know im doing a lot of
those silly and ridicolous quizzes in there,
if you happen to have facebook account,
you know what im talking about.
well it was fun you know.

so the quizzes results so far :

Which WWE wrestler are you?

Results: John Cena - everyone loves you..your a born champ!
u make girls go crazy for you!and you are
the mother****kin world heavyweight champion!

My reaction : well i love to be a champion!
on top of it, everyone love me =P

Who is your celebrity twin?

Results: Ashley Tisdale, You are friendly, energetic,
and pretty. you usually keep to yourself and
you dont make a big deal of yourself.

My reaction: i kind of like it and i didn't know that
i have a blonde twin sister?lol.

Which superheros are you?

Results: Batman, Bruce Wayne As a child, Bruce's parents were killed.
Since then, he has fought for justice.
He wears a bat-like costume and has many cool gadgets.

My reaction: hmm im ok with that.
who doesn't like batman other than those villain?
he kinda hot superhero!

Which Harry Porter's character are you?

Results: Albus Dumbledore - you are wise, kind
and still ready to fight for what you think is right,
so just dont keep too many secrets so when you're gone,
people wont think that you were shady.

My reaction: Its kinda true, the results speaks for me.

Which Heroe's character are you?

Results: Peter Petrelli, You are a nice person and very sensible.

My reaction: i shout out loud in me, yaaaay!haha.
he's my fav character in the series.ever!

Which Twilight's character are you?

Results: Edward Cullen, You enjoy helping out someone you love.
You have good friends but try to be yourself.

My reaction: are you kidding me?of course!
after all, we look a like tho!lol.

Who is your celebrity girlfriend?

Result: Lindsay Lohan, you just fall in love with her
My reaction: seriously? ok now back off, she's mine.

Who is your celebrity boyfriend?

Result: You have a huge young spirit, you are cute ,
tender and loving this hottie desrves you.

My reaction: yeah right! if I'm a girl,
ill marry you right away!

What do girl's think about you?

Result: You are everything a girl needs.
You are sweet, kind and caring.
Keep it up and you will be very happy.

My reaction: omg!am i that valuable?

ok, the last one is very much ridiculous!


When will you die?

Result: 19 Octobore 2008, you just have a moment.
My reaction: wtf? this is too much now.
i thank god im still alive!lol.

after all, its a good combination isn't it?
im proud of myself!lmao.
that's it.i need to stop now!


Reevo Saulus said...

lol yea, i tried so much quizzes on Facebook and the results are sometimes make me smile and sometimes makes me confusing haha

syafiq duckie said...

yeah sometimes i feel like the quizzes is so lame!