Happy Birthday April's Babies

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well this topic specially dedicated to
my lovely hearted friends who celebrate
their birthdays this month!

Happy birthday friends!
glad to know you and hope to
be friend with you forever!
I always Love u!!

So yeah,
Happy Birthday!
May god bless You,
May all your dreams come true,
May happiness always be with u,
and may you success in your life!
take care always. xoxo .

Fyz Syg - 17 April

Net Love - 19 April

Zuzu Si Zhafri - 20 April

Juliana Bestie - 28 April

Icca Sweetie - 28 April

Do i miss one?
i hope so not!!


Namhkir said...

happy bday to all..april byk gile bday orng.lol

ici bitsy said...

happy bdaaaaaaay.
iiiiih mana foto ica!!!
kan ica tanggal 28 aprilll

syafiq duckie said...

oia icca?fiq ga tau.sorry yea!

ici bitsy said...

makasi ya fiq, fotonya diretouch ya heheheh bagus deh

syafiq duckie said...

ga apa2 la icca!=D

Anonymous said...

besday i u lupe
smpi hati

Anonymous said...

siapa la anonymous ni kecoh je fiq??