Burj Dubai

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Now see this stuff,
this is take from world's tallest building
Burj Dubai @ 2,620 ft @ 818 m @ 160 habitable floor
Construction began 21 September 2004, and
expected to be cpmpleted and ready for occupancy
by September 2009.

For more info, go to :

Burj Dubai officia
l Website

What do you have to say?i go wow!

Look at the edge, upper left right corner; you can really see the turn of the earth

The person who are working on the upper most Girders,
can see the rotation of earth!!


DYANA said...

why it need to be like MEGA-tall??
amazing, yess..
tapi..takot kot~
what happen if it collapse kan?
hbis bncana satu arab..

*wondering how they bulid the top..

syafiq duckie said...

haha yeah!im thinking abt the same thing.for what la kan? but its truly amazing!tp tinggi gila kot.