Andy Lau and Carol Chu

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well im not so sure which which one is right and wrong,
previously news said they Cantapop Artist,
Andy Lau gonna get married with her girl,
Carol Chu, from Ipoh, Perak.
They've known each other for 24 years already.

But recently, gossip around said it was canceled!
what happen?well based on Chinese Media,
Andy want's to get married once he find out that,
his girl is pregnant and he's eager to become a legal dad.
but then, Carol actually was not pregnant!
and like usual, Andy denied everything.
well if the wedding is going to happen,
its gonna be here, in Ipoh!!

Some people said, it was canceled because
of the pressure that they had from the media.
so yeah, idk. for me personally,
its been 24 year's.go and get married then!!


syaQ tOwr® said...

ipoh ipoh ipoh mali...


syafiq duckie said...

ye la org luar pun beli buatan malaysia ok!hahaha=P