History of Rubber Duck

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I don't really know when they made the very first rubber duck.
I do know that they probably first started appearing in the late 1800s,
right around the time we discovered this wonderful stuff called rubber.
All sorts of fun rubber toys were made about this time.

But how did the rubber ducky achieve such an iconic status?
Why not the rubber froggy? Rubber goosey?
Rubber fishy? Rubber piggy? It's hard to say.
It's like trying to explain why the yellow smiley face or fuzzy dice caught on:
Such things are not entirely logical.

While the rubber duck has been around for a long time,
it probably achieved its status as a pop culture icon t
hanks to Sesame Street's "Rubber Duckie" song.

I will try to look for the song in youtube
or what so ever and show it here!! wait for it=D


azwin khairuddin said...

hey. nanti u letak ah chatbox. leh tinggal2 kan pesan.hehe

syafiq duckie said...

ok syg!nnt i buat=D

Hid said...

hey.. u are really addicted to ducks kan? hihihihi

syafiq duckie said...

hehe yup hid!that's me.i dah linked u=D