Colors of my life

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This semester had been soooo rough on me,
loads of silly stuff, drama's, assignments and so on.
On top of that, im still looking for a company,
a place for me to do my practical training.
I don't have that much time for myself too.

Its been 3 weeks since i last go back
to my hometown in KL. i miss my family!
so badly, so wanna be with them so bad.
there's couple of times where my tears drop,
out of sudden, without no reason.
maybe because i feel so alone and the hardship kills me.

I miss my mum cook, my dad lectures, lol
my brothers and sister. they means the world to me.
i will always love them forever.
but who doesn't right?

Even here in Melaka,
i rarely go out with my dear good friends,
we don't really meet frequently, not like before.
i miss the way we are before and the things that we used to do.

Plus, I truly miss my friends back in KL/Shah Alam/Cyberjaya,
the craziness,spontaneous,happiness,argument that
we had back then. Can't wait to meet them back again.
if god will, Im going back this Sunday,
to meet few of them and we have a plan to go to ABPBH together!
yyyyaaaayyyy.i can't wait!

Beloved Mak and Abah

One of my fav pict of the year!! truly enjoy this moment!!

With the girls!!

Babygula's =P

they're truly colorful isn't it?


icha said...

cute nyaaaa
ah fiq, bikin icca kangen sama family aja hehe

syafiq duckie said...

haha iya kan icca.
kangen bangat ni.
nanti kalau icca pulang ke indo,
pasti kangen sama icca!