Radit dan Jani

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SUMPAH!! cerita ni best gila.
baik korang pergi cari cerita ni sampai dapat.
beli la dvd ke, download ke apa2 je lah.
yg penting korang kena tgk cerita ni!
sumpah best!! sweet gila cerita ni.

So this movis is about,
love story!tp much diff from others lame
love stories. movie ni touched my heart!
sex,love,drugs,alcohol,family conflict!complete.
its more realistic and up to date.takda nak jiwang2 sgt!

sweeeeettt sgt2 cerita ni.pg la cari please!
basically this couple, newly wed is
so much in love with each other,
they even call each other BODOH!
aku sayang kau la BODOH
i miss you BODOH
i love you BODOH.

The acting pun bagus gila,
perfect.i couldn't ask for more.
just wish that the ending would be diff.

Ckp bnyk pun tak guna!
pergi la cari, tgk sendiri,
mesti leleh.


Namhkir said...

the guy mcm familiar..hs is indonesians ek?
ok2x..im hopelessly romantic.lol

Luky Hermawan said...

hha. dunno that Indonesian movie is quite popular there...

I havent even watched the movie. My friends said it is a great movie.

btw, Vino, the main actor, he is an alumni of my junior hi school. I went the same school as him. LOL

bubuCABANA said...

cite ni i dah tgok!!!

cite ni best gile owh.sumpah best.dah la lelaki ngan perempuan tu mcm rockstar gile.gosh!

syafiq duckie said...

@bubu,mmg sumpah best gila kan!hehehe.sgt rockstar!=

syafiq duckie said...

@rikhman, yeah indonesian.u should watch it.superb!

syafiq duckie said...

@luky.yeah they're quite famous.especially horror movie.hahaha.

and yeah this movie is great!u should watch it.and vino is cuuuteee.hahaha.

Anonymous said...

tp cerita neh byk nangis kn?

Anonymous said...

cerita ni dah lama kan? i love vino! macho habis! =)