Saturday, July 18, 2009

English longest word!pheewww.
I can't even pronounce it well,
and I thought Mary Poppins’
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is the longest!


Births and Deaths in real time

This is interesting:

Really shows how small our day to day problems are.

Pay attention to the numbers at the bottom right
increasing and decreasing.


Monday, July 13, 2009

what is the world most annoying word?
personally, i hate the word whatever!
it should never be invented in the first place!
for me its carry the same meaning as
"who cares" and "like i care" ?

or sometimes perhaps when people lost words
or have no idea how to express their feelings
they will say that word too, which is annoying to me!

another reason on why people used that word is
when they're losing an argument and the next thing to say
is whatever, shhhh i could strangle!

what do u guys think?

Kapten Boleh @ Chnl 611

Friday, July 10, 2009

Yeay, hari ahad ni which is esok
tengok la aku in action @ channel 611
cerita kapten boleh.tak sure episode berapa.

Shooting cerita ni dah lama ok!time tu rambut panjang,
rambut betul yea!bukan rambut palsu(Ramai orang tanya)! jgn lupa esok 10am!

Oh lagi satu, Manjalara.episode bila tak sure.
tp next week rasanya!kalau tak silap la!

p/s: thanks Syia/Julie teman shooting that time!

Donna @ MSU

Monday, July 6, 2009

So i've been telling a friend of mine, Donna
that i've seen his adv on monorail train.
he's been dying to see that adv since he
never got the chance to catch the train!

well im using monorail everyday to get to work place,
and i manage to snap couple of photos that consist
of him on MSU advertisement, now you're happy huh!
im a crappy photographer, orang ramai la weh, tebal muka,
even though its not that good, but you manage to see it now.
thanks to me!

p/s: so you figured, Donna is the guy with the white
shirt on the MSU adv. Donna is his real name yeah,
Donna Muslim Nuzmul Komar.

I oficially. . .

survive the first month of internship!yeay!
so far so good!i do enjoy it!so far. . .
but its kinda boring sometimes, perhaps because
i have a high expectation before its even started.
and there's nothing close to my expectation thus far.
im hoping for more!

its only the first month but i got the chance to talk and
present my project (handling corporate gift project)
in front of the board meeting!can you imagine?
all the big boss are there. GM and division Managers!
but yeah, i want more!been doing a lot of paper work so far.

Malaysia Mega Sales

4th July - 31st August!

so as usual, Mega sales is back.
Started last saturday and gonna end on August.
so aku pun keluar la last saturday after work around 2pm,
met with nina and then around 4 with my other besties!

we went to Pavillion, just to window shopping!
what to do, takda duit nak beli.tgk je la!mcm nak gila ok.
sales sana sini, semua nak beli. tapi satu apa pun tak mampu!
haih!menganga je la then.none of us did purchase anything!
the girls sempat la jugak try sana sini, baju, kasut and all!
tapi yeah, we never did purchase anything!berangan je.

so after all, we decided to watch movie! and we manage to catch
8pm movie, which is Last House on the Left!i wanted to watch
Ice Age 3, but majority rules! what i have in my mind
before the movie startedis that, its gonna be lame boring movie!
bunch of teenagers get lost in jungle and one by one get murdered and all!
but i was wrong!that movie was great!i enjoyed it so much!
i suggest you too go and watch it!
thriller gila weh!

orang ramai, launching mega sale!

While the mums sibuk rebut kasut, kesian budak2
ni terbiar!hahaha.

mampu cuba dan lihat je la!haih=/

Meet.... Shaker!

p/s: btw terserempak dgn Shaker!omg i get a very
warm hug!ye la lama gila tak jumpa!
rindu bangat!
go to see you buddy!