Friday, April 29, 2011

I may have made it rain,
please forgive me,
My weakness caused you pain,
and this song's my sorry.

Begging for Forgiveness

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Once upon a time. we used to have fun...
Once upon a time, something happened to me,
it was the sweetest thing that ever could be, it was a fantasy,
a dream come true, it was the day that I met you.
Once upon a time, we were there for each other.
And, yes, there's been a lot of bad stuff in between.
But none of that matters right now, to me.
You need me, I'm there. Any time, any place, anywhere.
Because I know, I need you in my life.
But now it feels like war.

H, I can’t talk to you anymore; it’s not that I am mad at you,
I don't have the right anymore.
When I talk to you I realize how much I love you
and when I realize how much I love you,
I realize I can’t have you and that makes me love you even more.
And that makes me sad.
You know I spend every day thinking about you and dreaming about you,
and every time you walked by i lost myself,
do you know what that feels like?

H, a lot of people walk in and out of my life,
but your one of the only people i
ever really wanted to stick around. I talked to myself:
People change, Syafiq. Yes, they do.
People die, and they move away... and they grow up.
Everything changes eventually and I think sometimes you
have to lose someone completely before
you can figure out what they really mean to you.

H, I miss you when something really good happens,
because you're the one I want to share it with.
I miss you when something is troubling me,
because you're the one who understands me so well.
I miss you when I laugh and cry, because I know
that you are the one that makes my laughter grow,
and my tears disappear.

I miss you all the time, but I miss you the most
when I lay awake at night, and think of all the wonderful
times that we spent with each other for those were some of the
best and most memorable times of my life.

H, I fill my days with memories of you.
I remember how you used to look at me,
as if I was your most valuable treasure.
Has you found a new treasure? I can't help but wonder
if we will be able to find our way back to each other.
The road seems so very long, and my head is crowded
with such a dark thought. I feel our bond grows
weaker by the day and I'm powerless to stop it.

I know that things between us are pretty much
beyond repair right now. And I wouldn't ever presume
to try and make everything better with a conversation,
so that's not what this is -- but I just wanted to tell you,
I wanted to say ... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the pain it caused you.
But mostly I'm sorry for my part in it.
But mostly I'm sorry because I miss our relationship.
And however far off it may be, I look forward
to the day that we can be together again. Tho, as a friend.
The fact is, no matter what goes on this year,
when you come back to me again, you know I'll be here.

Yes, people change

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

People might change but there are
two things that you can't change about them.
Their name and the memories you've had with them.
That's the reason why I still love you as much.

H, you're fine exactly as you are,
Your imperfections and flaws make you an unique individual.
After all, nobody's perfect and people do make mistake.
and I learn to live with it and to love you,
for who you are and I never hate you nor have the heart
to forget everything about you.
I can't get rid if this feeling I have for you
and I won't get rid of it.
I treasure what we have so much more than
anything else.


"I don't understand how people can
erase you from their lives, just because
it's easier than working things out.
And if someone really love you,
they wouldn't let you slip away,
no matter how hard the situation is."

But H, they can say whatever they want
I never questioned your love for me.
It's tearing me up inside knowing that
we can't be together for the mistake I've done.
Something that I have to pay for.
Nevertheless, I'm still have hope and believe in us ;')

Don't You Remember

When will I see you again?
You left with no goodbye, not a single word was said,
No final kiss to seal any sins,
I had no idea of the state we were in,

I know I have a fickle heart and bitterness,
And a wandering eye,
And a heaviness in my head,

But don't you remember?
Don't you remember?
The reason you loved me before,
Baby, please remember me once more,

When was the last time you thought of me?
Or have you completely erased me from your memory?
I often think about where I went wrong,
The more I do, the less I know,

But I know I have a fickle heart and bitterness,
And a wandering eye,

And a heaviness in my head,

But don't you remember?
Don't you remember?
The reason you loved me before,
Baby, please remember me once more,

Gave you the space so you could breathe,
I kept my distance so you would be free,
In hope that you'd find the missing piece,
To bring you back to me,

Why don't you remember?
Don't you remember?
The reason you loved me before,
Baby, please remember me once more,

When will I see you again?



Today, I cried again.


This is the reason why.
One of my colleague, was eating the green packet skittles
while i pass by her table.
And I can't help but my tears come running down my cheek.

It reminds me of all the good memories we had,
watching movies while eating this skittles.
I miss you, I miss us :')


Monday, April 25, 2011

I couldn't find the right words to say,
how much I miss you, how much I need you, how much I love you.
Losing you, has been one of the most difficult things that I need to deal with.

Yes, I've hurt your feelings. Yes, I've broke your heart.
And I'm sorry, I mean it when I say; sorry.
No one is perfect, I know what my mistake is
and I'm learning to be a better person because of you
and you, change me for a better. You, brings light into my life.
And I never love you any less, indeed I love you more and more each day.
He say, she say, they can say whatever they want,
but the truth is, I'm the one who's dealing with this.

I wish I can turn back time, I wish I can be with you again,
work things out and we can be happy again.
I, should be blame for all this,
I'm the one who ruins our relationship.
And I, couldn't help but to hate myself for what had happened.
I wish you could see, I wish you know how much I've change,
for a better. I've learn my lesson and I'm not doing it again.

As I'm writing this, tears running down my cheek,
I wish you know H, how much i miss you.
How much I cried every night to sleep.

I woke up every middle of the night since then,
losing myself in the dark. Looking for the light,
wishing that we are still together. But its too late.
I have to pay for the damage that I've caused
and my heart is broken into pieces.
Deep down, I'm still wishing, and hoping that
somehow, someday, we can be together again.

H, if you ever wonder,
You are still, the first person who entered my mind every morning
and yet the last person who leave my mind every night.
You, complete me like no one ever does.
I, can see myself in you.

H, don't ever doubt yourself.
You're one hell great of a person,
you're amazing just the way you are.
Your life stories moved me, touched my heart.
I never met an individual as strong as you are.
You have a lot of potential in you,
you can be someone successful in the near future.
And I'll pray for your success, as always.

H, I'm sorry for hurting you, for ruining your night and day
for causing a lot of misery, in your life.
All I have for you, is my love.
It's breaking my heart when I have this feeling
and I can't get it to you. It's breaking my heart
when all I desire is to hug you and hold you tight in my arms
and I can only keep it to myself.

I'm scared H, to lose you entirely.
I need you in my life.
I have so much to say and all I can hope for,
this is not the end for us.