Please Understand, Forgive me

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Im tired and sick of explaining to people's
on how busy Im this trimester.
i have a lot of things going on with me,
too many things to do, too little time.
And people's seems like just don't get it,
or they take it as excuses from me!

Penat la, penat, penat, penat!paham tak?PENAT!!
bnyk sgt kerja, bertimbun2.
i don't even have time for myself!
takkan tak paham?im not giving excuses.
please understand, put yourself in my shoes,
or in my friends shoes who experiencing the same thing!
ask them how their life now a days!
like i said, i don't even have time for my own self, and i know
they're feeling the same way too.

Still don't get it?ok, for example
today i have class from 8am-10am, where the lecturer
throw a quizzes worth of 10 marks to us,
and right after the class, i went to settle the transportation
issue with MMU management regarding our trip
to Asahan this coming 8th-10th April (career development camp).
i go back and forward from MMU admin to lecturer room
just to settle this issue, which up to now still not been settled yet.

Right after that,
i went for tutorial class from 12pm-1pm
and rush myself home after the class finish!
on the way back, mcm biasa lah kan
lapar!singgah beli nasi lemak ayam, ingatkan nak makan dkt rumah
while doing my works! i need to rush for presentation
on 6pm-10pm this evening, preparing the slide and final report,
and guess what, im too busy until i don't even got the chance
to touch the food! up until now!this moment 1030pm,
only then i got to eat!

Friends, don't u understand?
im tired of hearing people saying "Syafiq dah sombong",
"he's changing", "dia dah lupakan kawan", wtf?wth?
i don't ever forget my friends.just that im too busy!
im sorry if u feel it that way, im not there when u need me,
please forgive me and please understand.

i still have 2 research need to be done
(statistics, marketing research)
1 business marketing plan, 1 finance assignment
and 1 retail management project,
all of those need to be done by coming 2 weeks!

And today, again i received 2 sms'es which crushes my heart,
1 of it saying "dah la syafiq, sombong! tak payah kwn
dgn aku dah,
delete aku from your friends list"
and the other one saying " Im so sick and unable to do anything,
terribly sick and depressed. thanks for the concern,
and thanks for asking how am i.

im so glad that you are beside me whenever
i needed you=)
you take care of yourself well too ok.
Don't worry about me,
ill be ok"
(because i don't even have the ability-credit-to sms and ask
about her condition, since she fall sick)

Friend's forgive me if i don't even have time to
reply your sms'es or answering your call
(always in silent mode 24/7)
,or replying your ym/msn msg'es
i hope u do understand this.again, let me say it
im busy!tired!i have so much pressure.
i don't have time to entertain my self,
how can i intertain you?


* right now, at this moment while expressing
my feelings, im doing my group weekly report
on our marketing plan that are suppose to be
submitted today!!still don't get it, don't u?


Namhkir said...

i fhm...i fhm being busy..i think all uni students shud know..

just explain to them nicely..
they forgot that you have asgmnts jgak

syafiq duckie said...

i know that they know,
but they think like im giving excuses,
where as im not!

yes as uni students we are busy,
but not as busy as FINAL YEAR STUDENT!!=(

Namhkir said...

duhh..pelik how your friends doesnt realize that kan..

maybe they're just jealous that your busy and they're that possible?

Israq said...

hebat duckie!
tgn kanan buat kerja,
tgn kiri suap nasik,
kaki utk tulis blog!

tersentap sesiape yg rase dirinye yg mengacau u!

azwin khairuddin said...

seriusly. i am in ur shoes too. u have 2 research that done by grup and i have 1 which is individual. god... damn it! kan? rudy been complaining. and da byk kali merajuk. i wasnt able to reply him. dgn kedai lg. it's not that i want to. but i have to. got no choice. maybe it is not hard to anyone else to do this. but it is hard for me sb i tak selalu buat benda2 mcm ni. time meeting pun i tgh mkn. we were like doing millions of things at one time.. rite? tired. saket pun tak blh nak mc. fucking shit. ape lg? macam2 lah

syafiq duckie said...

@ israq, u are soooo right!sampai dah tak cukup kaki tangan ni!tak tau dah mcm mana nak express!

syafiq duckie said...

@Azwin, kan!damn it.susah nak explain dkt diaorg ni.tention la!tention dgn kerja, nak melayan karenah diaorg lg!penat!penat.

even nak reply sms, angkat call pun pk 2-3 times.sometimes sampai terlupa kan!

u are soooo right!we are doing like million of things at one time, ada this time i makan sambil buat 2 assignment + studying for quizzes.

but too bad, they just don't understand that=(

syafiq duckie said...

@ riki, im not even joking=(
really tgh depressed sgt ni.maybe because they don't feel the way we did kot.

M39AT said...

Just mencelah je. Aku pun tak kenal ko sangat.

Ni just pandangan aku k?
Sbnarnye la tak payah nak cakap busy2 pun. Macam aku sendiri pun amik program studio based. So paham2 jela. ZOMBIE a.k.a BATMAN. Jd bila ko mmg ada masa luangkan ngan member2 yg ko ada la. Lagipun mmg orang ssh nak paham. Ckpla cmne pun. Tapi mcm kes aku ni lain skit la. Kdg2 aku yg sibuk tnye khabar at the end jawapan aku dpt busy. Abes kita ni tak busy? Aku prnah bt statement kat member2 aku selalu je busy tapi buat2 tak busy ^^

Apa2 pun all the best n GUD LUCK bro. Tak payah cakap busy ngan orang cam aku ni la. Sbb aku tau busy tu camne. XD

Take care ~

icha said...

hehe fiq sabar yaa
aku merasakan juga ni hehehe
tapi sukur2 karna icha ga ada temen jadi ga ada yang complain hehehehehehe

syafiq duckie said...

@M39AT, thanks bro.
really appreciate your thought's.

@icca, yea sabar ni icca.
icca juga tau kan gimana rasanya!
ehh fiq kan teman icca=D

papik said...

that's harsh for those who never know what a student life is.
as a best friend of yours..hehe.i paham duckie as i am in your boat too:D

syafiq duckie said...

the funny thing is papik,
most of them are student too and used to be a student!

thanks papik, really appreciate it.
that's y i love u bestie.hehe.

M39AT said...

Ur welcome bro...
U always welcome to share ur thought ^^

syafiq duckie said...

thanks again=D