She did it again!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Surprise singing sensation Susan Boyle
made a new television appearance Sunday,
showcasing once again her soaring voice —
but refusing to compromise on the
frumpy look that made her an Internet sensation.

Members of the public voting in a telephone poll
picked her as the best of eight performers
who appeared Sunday, meaning she will
sing again in the contest's final next Saturday.

On Sunday, the show's judges and audience
rose to their feet to applaud.


Namhkir said...

hahaha...but i thnk this tme biasa

Anonymous said...

i love your new layout.=))


Iman said...

best kan die!

syafiq duckie said...

@rikhman, i still think that she did a great job!sensational!

@iccu, thanks dear!=D

@iman, sgt best!meletop.