Movie Check List

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

so after long awaited, akhirnya dapat jugak tgk
Transformers Revenge of the fallen!
tu pun nasib, serious lucky gila.tak sangka.
last Saturday went to Pavillion cuba nasib nak tgk that movie,
but sampai dkt counter its happened that the ticket sold out.
not only for that movie, but for all the others as well!what the duck?

then walked to Times Square with no hope of watching that movie pun,
queued sampai dkt counter saja je tanya ada ticket tak,
sekali dia ckp "lucky you, ada 2 canceled reservation", apa lagi!menjerit
la kat situ.tiba2 tak sangka, happy gila!

so the movie was great!really enjoyed watching it.its like for real!
tak nak cerita banyak.nanti spoiled pulak for those who,
ketinggalan,oppppss!yg tak tgk!cant wait for the sequel.

so as for July,
im waiting to watch these movie's below,
so anyone wanna movie date me? haha.
excited ni!

1. Ice Age - Dawn of Dinosaurs (1st July)

2. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (16 July)

3. Skrip 7707 (16 July)

4. The Proposal (30 July)


syia said...

i nk tgk the proposal sgt2 haha

Muhammad Faris said...

movie date dgn I for The Proposal jom!

I tak mahu digelar secara tidak berperikemanusiaan oleh youuuu sbgai 'ketinggalan'!



Sha Lew Lew said...

if you're gonna watch the proposal. bleh tolong take note tak at preview trailer2 sebelom the movie, ada ke trailer movie New Moon (sequel Twilight) dia org tunjukkan?

Hehe, saja nak buat survey~

syafiq duckie said...

jom korang tiga2 date dgn i tgk proposal!hahaha=D

tak sabar ni!

ok sha, nnt i tgk kan!=D