I will survive!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So its well known that, yesterday i start working
as a trainee at marketing communication department
in Parkroyal Hotel, Bukit Bintang!
what can i say?so far so good.that's not many of us in that
department.believe it or not, atm there's only 3 of us
including me!hahaha.suppose there's 5 staff all together
but then one of the girl is on her maternity leave
and another girl just resigned last month!

You can imagine how much of work they need to do,
apart from their job,they need to cover up the other 2 girls task.
so, im the one who replacing their place atm and doing all the stuff!
What the duck?its only the 2nd day and im advisable to
continue my work overtime!but its ok,
i do enjoy it!i learn a lot of new stuff!

Early today, i have 1 new assignment given by the manager.
Its pretty exciting, because im going to meet clients all by myself!
can't wait!i will talk more about it in future post!

p/s: anyway i might not be able to post in here
as much as before,
sorry in advance!

1st day - 1st June

2nd day - 2nd June


syaQ tOwr ® said...

good boy~


Aiman Ariffin said...

all da besttt

dila john said...

2nd june is da cutest

Muhammad Faris said...

you buat kje byk? tipoo tipooo! haha pdhal byk mencuri tulang! tehehe joke! >.<"

tp naseb baek you look good at your first 2 intern days.wee =)

i tumpang happy bole? hahaa

-nick/duckie's ultimate stalker-

(since dia rmai peminat.HAHA)

syia said...

syafiq.. aaaa rindu u..
smart la u pkai cm ni..haaa
sah2 ramai admirers nanti ni

Sha Lew Lew said...

Nak bilik free satu pls? 3 hari dua malam pls? :D :D

syafiq duckie said...

@thanks Syaq, Aiman!

syafiq duckie said...

@ dila, i like the 2nd one better too!=D

@nick, hello!i mmg bnyk kerja ok.mana ada kerja nak curi tulang.cafe jauh kat bwh.tuling pun org sapu mkn, sbb sedap kan.hahahaha.

of course la u can be happy for me mr stalker!

syafiq duckie said...

@syia, aaa i rindu u jgk!yg teramat!smart ke?i ingt pelik!

syafiq duckie said...

@Sha Lew Lew, alangkah baiknya kalau i blh dpt bilik free jgk!haha.expensive kot room rate dia.

Aqmal Arista said...

sapik...hati2 ngan pompuan nama RINA tu..heheh

nanti jumpa kita gosip pasal dia k..

syafiq duckie said...

haha kenapa dgn RINA tu?tak sabar ni nak gossip!

A E D A said...

nak tau jugak :D