Gila, no one esle.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's the way you got me, head over heels for you... The way you get me, like nothing or no one else ever has. There are just those times when you give me that look & no one else may see it, but when you look at me that way, my heart just melts & I know you're the one.

We all know, everyone is looking for a something. One thing that makes it all complete. Well, for me, it's waking up beside you to watch the sun rise on your face... to know that I can say I love you at any given time or place.

You know you mean the WORLD to me.

I can only give you everything I've got. I can only be as sorry as you think I should be. And, I still love you more than anyone else will.

it's you, Gila. (and no one else).


TalieMeiMei said...

Byk bersabar kay dude :)

syafiq duckie said...

MeiMei. trying and doing it. tu je la yang mampu sekarang! =)

thanks anyway.