Yes, people change

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

People might change but there are
two things that you can't change about them.
Their name and the memories you've had with them.
That's the reason why I still love you as much.

H, you're fine exactly as you are,
Your imperfections and flaws make you an unique individual.
After all, nobody's perfect and people do make mistake.
and I learn to live with it and to love you,
for who you are and I never hate you nor have the heart
to forget everything about you.
I can't get rid if this feeling I have for you
and I won't get rid of it.
I treasure what we have so much more than
anything else.


"I don't understand how people can
erase you from their lives, just because
it's easier than working things out.
And if someone really love you,
they wouldn't let you slip away,
no matter how hard the situation is."

But H, they can say whatever they want
I never questioned your love for me.
It's tearing me up inside knowing that
we can't be together for the mistake I've done.
Something that I have to pay for.
Nevertheless, I'm still have hope and believe in us ;')