Monday, July 13, 2009

what is the world most annoying word?
personally, i hate the word whatever!
it should never be invented in the first place!
for me its carry the same meaning as
"who cares" and "like i care" ?

or sometimes perhaps when people lost words
or have no idea how to express their feelings
they will say that word too, which is annoying to me!

another reason on why people used that word is
when they're losing an argument and the next thing to say
is whatever, shhhh i could strangle!

what do u guys think?


Iman said...

for me,
watevar --> for people who're ignorance!

• ɐɹzɐ • said...

jgn marahhh~

papik said...

i use that word aloads!!!!
haha.u noticed it.lol:p