I oficially. . .

Monday, July 6, 2009

survive the first month of internship!yeay!
so far so good!i do enjoy it!so far. . .
but its kinda boring sometimes, perhaps because
i have a high expectation before its even started.
and there's nothing close to my expectation thus far.
im hoping for more!

its only the first month but i got the chance to talk and
present my project (handling corporate gift project)
in front of the board meeting!can you imagine?
all the big boss are there. GM and division Managers!
but yeah, i want more!been doing a lot of paper work so far.


Farha Ghouse said...

u kerja kat manaaaa

Mohd Sharkawi said...

heyy.me too.kinda survive 1mth witout achieving target.wish for more.

azwin khairuddin said...

all the best

syafiq duckie said...

tu la kan sarkawi!i want more!

@farha, parkroyal hotel dkt bb!

thanks azwin!