Donna @ MSU

Monday, July 6, 2009

So i've been telling a friend of mine, Donna
that i've seen his adv on monorail train.
he's been dying to see that adv since he
never got the chance to catch the train!

well im using monorail everyday to get to work place,
and i manage to snap couple of photos that consist
of him on MSU advertisement, now you're happy huh!
im a crappy photographer, orang ramai la weh, tebal muka,
even though its not that good, but you manage to see it now.
thanks to me!

p/s: so you figured, Donna is the guy with the white
shirt on the MSU adv. Donna is his real name yeah,
Donna Muslim Nuzmul Komar.


anyza ANTI sosial said...

msu on monorail train
- proud to be MSU student -

superdilut said...

hahaa.. donna donna ..ktmane2 je ade kau..

shaker said...

donna karan ?

syafiq duckie said...

@dilut, kenal ke dia?=D

papik said...

donna ye duckie.finally you have his real name.gile mouthful.:|

syafiq duckie said...

haha tau takpa,sgt mouthful kan!

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